Golden Era of Daughter in Law (2007)

Golden Era of Daughter in Law (2007)

Other name:며느리 전성시대 媳婦的全盛時代 媳妇的全盛时代 ヨメ全盛時代 Myeoneuri Jeonseong Shidae Daughter In Law's Golden Age Daughters in-law Современные невестки بنات في القانون

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Jo Mi Jin is a new employee of an apparel company who later then becomes the daughter-in-law of a family running a pork hock restaurant with a 60-year-old tradition. Lee Bok Soo, the eldest son of the family, is a planning director at the company Mi Jin works at. The drama will revolve around the life of a new-generation daughter-in-law. Things get complicated when Mi Jin's older brother, In Woo, falls for Bok Soo's younger sister, Bok Nam, and they decide to get married. How will both families adjust to being in-laws with each other again? Episodes: 52 Duration: 60 min. Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
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