Love Senior (2023)

Love Senior (2023)

Other name:พี่ว้ากคะรักหนูได้มั้ย พี่ว้ากคะ รักหนูได้ไหม Phi Wak Kha Rak Nu Dai Mai

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama, Lesbian, LGBTQ+, Novel, Romance


Second year electrical engineering student Gyoza is head hazer of her branch. As part of their initiation activities, freshy Manaow asks for Gyoza's signature. Contrary to Manaow's expectations of the small senior, Gyoza has a cool personality that makes her nervous. Instead of getting an easy signature, Gyoza makes Manaow agree to compete in the electrical engineering freshy contest paired with her friend Ali. Adapted from the novel "Phi Wak Kha Rak Nu Dai Mai" (พี่ว้ากคะ รักหนูได้ไหม) by Karnrada (กานต์รดา) Episodes: 10
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